We know how to care for your water hazard!

An illustration of a water hazard located on a golf course.

Specialized in water hazards

We have over 10 years experience maintaining water hazards on golf courses.

From algae removal and pond mentoring through pond ventilation and water circulation technologies: we offer you experience, highest quality and top knowhow to satisfy you and your demanding customers.

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Pond enemy number one: alga

The worst enemies of a a beautiful pond are algae. Whether they are called green algae, thread algae, canadian water weed etc. - we have a solution for everything!

And best of all: you don't have to bother with anything.

We offer several all-round carefree packages, carefully crafted for golf course water hazards and commercially used ponds.

Elodea illustration.
Illustration of a pond containing our Spectaculum fountain.

Experts of aquatic engineering

Not only do we know how waters work, but also what's best for them.

Thus we could offer you various pond maintenance products - from fountains to rubber rafts:

on competitive prices!

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